Pastors Phill and Kelly Boaretto are bible college trained, ordained ministers with the C3 Global movement.

They have been the senior pastors of C3 Tokyo since it was planted back in October 2012. Phill and Kelly are experienced, honest and relational pastors who have been married for 20 years.

They have 3 amazing kids, Lachlan 14, Jett 11, and Mika 4. Phill and Kelly love the people of Tokyo deeply and have had a love affair with the nation of Japan that spans over 25 years!

In their native country of Australia, they have been involved in pastoral ministry for almost 20 years, serving as youth pastors, associate pastors and senior pastors before making the move to Japan back in 2012.

Together they have a burning passion for building young Japanese leaders, teaching them to win unchurched Japanese people for Jesus.

Their vision is to create a truly authentic Japanese christian worship experience in the heart of Tokyo.

フィル・ボアレット先生、そしてケリー・ボアレット先生は共に、聖書学校でトレーニングを受け、C3 Global movementのもとで叙任した牧師です。

2人はC3 Tokyoが2012年10月に開拓された当時から、主任牧師をしています。経験豊富で正直、とても親しみのある牧師で、20年間結婚生活を送っています。